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3D Printer – TEVO Tarantula I3

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Great quality for a kit. Print quality rivals $2000 Makerbot. Like any kit, it needs a lot of tweaking, but once everything is dialed in it give great quality prints consistently. Considering it costs the same as acrylic based kits (an unstable mess due to warping and temperature fluctuations), and that it has 6000+ people Facebook group, there is no question – it’s the one of the best, if not THE best kits out there. Free shipping is a record 4 days to Canada (within 7 days from ordering), I paid duty $37CAD, but that’s unavoidable. Customer service is good: MOSFET has failed, leading to PSU failure, so Tevo has shipped me new PSU and board, I’m waiting for them to arrive. Tevo is very active on the Facebook group. It actually surpassed my expectations. I think the print quality is just great, for any price. But remember – it’s a kit. You have to be ready to spend time on building, tweaking, upgrading, tweaking again…

When board thermistor shorted, board failed and took power supply with it, Tevo had immediately shipped new replacement board and PSU. I’m very happy with customer service! they care about their customers.

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