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Aliexpress replica bags

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Aliexpress replica bags

At you can find bags for all occasions: They have big and small bags, purses, clutches, sleeves, shoulder bags, backpacks, sports bags, belt bags, handbags, computer and iPad bags, shoppers, weekend bags, bags for mobile phone and … You name it …
I have actually only bought two bags so far from Aliexpress – a replica Mulberry shoulder bag and a rep Mont Blanc business briefcase. Both where quite expensive (150$ per piece) but the quality was also good. They were made from real leather but from which animal I will probably never know. I still have the Mulberry bag and I frequently use it. My Mont Blanc briefcase was stolen at a cafe in Copenhagen – the thieves must have thought it was expensive:-)

Quality of Aliexpress bags

As all other products at Aliexpress, the quality varies a lot but it mostly depends on the price. All bags made from leather which cost less than 100$ are probably made from some kind of faux leather or some other plastic material. Always make the seller confirm that the bag is made from genuine leather if that is what you are looking for. Also choose a seller who sells mostly bags and has a good feedback score. An example of such a shop could be “GuangZhou ASiDun Leather” which seems like a legit bag store.

The bags made from faux leather are sometimes very good replicas and the price is far lower than the leather replicas. You will, however, notice that they are fake when you come close to them which can be extremely difficult with the expensive leather replicas.

finding the replica bags at Aliexpress

It is actually quite easy to find the replica bags at Most of the bags can be found simply by seaching for the model name – If you want to find a Hermes Birkin Bag then search for Birk bag or Birking bag. I know it is not similar to the original name but when you type in “Birkin” at Aliexpress the site comes with suggestions. Look at the picture below if you are not sure what I mean.

fake birgin bag







This actually counts for all replica searches. Type in what you look for and Aliexpress will actually show you what to search for. Nice right… I wish you a good hunt!