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Good afternoon friends! Today will tell you how I became the owner is really a great computer.

For many years the use of laptops running Windows wearied me old, I began to think all the time how it will work to change the version of the system argue that I ever may be useful is some very relative freedom gives me the system and etc. And, specifically, on the bought a couple of months ago, the laptop is very decent from ASUS died removable battery. Finito la comedy! In general, we take the MacBook …

We had to wait for some action from trusted vendors on your favorite eBay, and now – the case presented, Apple MacBook Air MJVE2LL / A 13.3 “Laptop (128 GB) NEWEST VERSION for $ 830. And I’m ready for this, I wrote a similar this review and received Blessed coupon for 10% off. The algorithm of my purchases ebaysocial I’ve described many times, to buy – laptop and sent to my address in the US, a couple of weeks, and here it is:




Model – American, MJVE2LL / A, so the keyboard does not have Russian letters. These are additional costs to their cause, but what can you do stupid stick on the button, I offered to re-store, I did not want, the keys are illuminated, so put in an advertising office in the engraving. Here’s what happened:


Well, I’ll tell you guys. The third day went flying, as they say, normal. Here I sit and write this review are now happy to tapping the glowing buttons …

And now – I say goodbye to you until the next review, which I will explain how the mouse to buy this MacBook …

Link to item: Order on Ebay