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I think every fan of the “apple” of the company is now asks himself this question. This week opened the sale in Russia. And I, in fact, already a month I am a proud owner of them. I will try to share our experiences in this review.

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I get me the watch very funny (read my other reviews). There I described in detail how it was. Now I want to share experiences with them.

I went to watch the size of 38 mm. I – a big man, but the clock does not look small. In general, they are quite stylish and nice. The bracelet was complete in two lengths (shorter and authenticity). I did not come short bracelet.

The clock operates in two modes: active and screen information from the phone.

Active screen allows you to view SMS, calls. Siri running. You can click on the clock and say “call his wife,” if the contact is “wife” is in the directory, the set will go. If you have two wives, the clock on the screen prompted to choose – some call it 🙂

All the way, in Russian. You can view tasks for the day, the weather, and the pulse information of the applications that have an interface with the clock. That is, not every application works with the clock, but only those who built the interface to them (this can be checked in the AppStore – there under the signed application, it has an interface to Apple Watch, or not).

For example, Skype has an interface in Apple Watch, and they can watch the message. By the way, through which you can talk on the phone and answer calls. If you are traveling in the car, and you receive a call, you accept it, you can watch over and you can also talk through them.

SMS-ki come to them too. If you come up with SMS, the clock finely vibrate, and they can read the incoming message.

But the sound of a call on the phone – I turned off. When the call comes, the clock finely vibrate and, in principle, impossible to miss a call. Previously, I sometimes miss a call when it was noisy, and even the phone vibrates in my pocket, I happen to notice.

A very nice feature – navigation. But it works only with maps Apple. Other vendors still interface to Apple Watch did not. And for good reason. In general, a route on the phone – and the clock starts to show turns. Get directions, put the phone in his pocket. Behaving the car and to turn the clock finely vibrate – show how many meters turn and where. Very comfortably. But need access to the Internet in offline mode is not working yet.

Recently I felt comfortable when mega-led bike. Previously, you had to stop and take the phone. Now – just heaven and earth. Before turning just looking at your watch, or do they remind you of this.

In general, the clock, of course, it is actually remote display to your phone. If you normally get on the phone a little push-notification, and your clock will not be very useful. If you keep your phone receive SMS, tasks, reminders, etc., then your clock will turn in this funny “Pokemon”, which you will not get bored, and a week later you will realize that he did not know you before this treated.

The first drawback: without Internet access watch little use. Well, that is if you – roaming abroad, and does not include the Internet, it is best to leave them at home. Tselee will, and much good from them – will be enough. Just like clockwork, actually.

Another minus: after all, they quickly discharged. In reality, they have enough for one day. In the evening, they must be recharged. Charging the way, it does not lace, and it really is worth a lot. If you need a second, you will have to seriously invest.

These are the impressions I hope they will be useful to you. In general – I am happy and willing to recommend Apple Watch. In business life, they come in handy. If you are working with a smartphone, not as a simple phone, but as a real working tool, then take it, without hesitation. If you are just pictures from your phone to see Instagram, then think twice. Hours now are many, and only really attentive and knowledgeable people understand that you have on hand.

As a fashion gadget on hand they to my surprise, is not working. No one understands what it is. I was really shocked when driving and utility car and motorcycle. But Apple does not take into account the card plugs and Yandex another interface to these hours are not made. I hope we will not wait long.

Actually, everything.

Link to item: Order on Ebay