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Bracelet Byanshi

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Byanshi – a rare variety of semi-precious stone black jade. This stone is extracted in one mine in the world, located in Shandong Province (China). Stone has a meteoritic origin – 63 million. Years ago, this place is a large meteorite fell. Industrial extraction of stone began in 2009, but because of the great popularity of the stone and its reserves are almost depleted. Very soon, the stone can be purchased only with the hands. Byanshi not only looks nice, but is very useful for health. It is considered a major in Chinese folk medicine, it is still used for the treatment of Tibetan monks. The excavations in the northern provinces of China were found needles from Byanshi (used for acupuncture), which are more than 7,000 years.
In ancient times this stone was considered more precious than gold, and articles thereof handed down. It is mentioned in the works, Confucius, and it was used for the treatment in the famous Shaolin temple. Today, this stone and you can buy, probably the most popular souvenir from China, original bracelet Byanshi of black jade. In fact, its real price just around 5 USD, and its dealers sell approximately 5-10 times more expensive. So cheap and inexpensive to buy a bracelet Byanshi only in China, the site Aliekspress. Reviews are very good, this is not cheating, really any cooler zirconium bracelets or bracelets Power Balance of volcanic rock. This Brasle also called Bian, Banshee or Bianstone, although it is correct Byanshi.
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