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Hexacopter Jjrc h20 nano from Aliexpress

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What is the difference from the quadrocopter hexacopter? Hexacopter Nano, a small quadrocopter which are not four (as usual), and six propellers (screws), making it much stronger and more agile. Mini hexacopter Jjrc h20 nano on the remote control is steeper than any helicopter flying very fast, can hang in the air, he knows how to spin and flips in the air and at the touch of a button he returned to the owner.
Charging from the console or from the USB port. There is a protection of propellers, so drops and bumps are not afraid of him. By the way Comes with an extra set of screws (just in case). Generally Hexacopter it’s pretty cool toy for both children and adults.


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1. Go to the Internet Aliexpress store
2. In the search bar, type of goods hexacopter nano