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I stumble upon a lot of positive reviews about this hairbrush. However, all the time, “toad strangling” – too expensive. When a good friend, too, began to praise me this comb, I still decided to order …


Comb came in a nice plastic transparent box (not preserved).


Until recently, I did not believe in its miraculous properties. Comb your hair after returning from the post, I did not see a strong difference between Tangle and ordinary comb. Yes, it was a little faster and easier to comb, it is very unusual, and the size of the comb from her teeth. Conventional, with a ball joint at the end, much nicer.

Oh, it was disappointed in the purchase and wanted to open the debate to return the funds, but then it’s time to wash. Accordingly, after washing, I began again to comb the hair, and then a miracle happened! The hair is fine and easy to comb, but were completely wet and just out of the towels. It was so cool that I wanted more time to wash, to comb hair again.

Eventually, I got used to the shape of a comb and its cloves, they are nice to massage the head. I am sure to order yourself Tangle other forms with a pen and without cover for the house.


With this comb hair falls is much less than with any conventional, and I have had a lot.



Cover saves teeth when the comb is in the bag.


Tangle is good in the hand.



1. Inexpensive compared to our stores.

2. Amazing combing wet hair.

3. A small, does not take up much space in your bag.

4. Cover. The bag will not spoil the kinks.

5. Looks very stylish and bright.


1. Do not just get used to it.

2. It is impossible to do perfectly smooth parting.

All long-haired beauties simply need to purchase! It will be a great gift for the person who takes care of her hair.

Link to item: Order on Ebay