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Since buying I have in the United States MacBook Air 11 “has been more than two years. Despite the fact that I was very careful, however, the wire that goes to the L-shaped connector, greatly frayed, and my decision was made to replace the charger entirely.

I decided to acquire online trading platform ebay.com, as prices in retail stores this accessory were just sky-high.

I look for on the basis of: reliable seller with good ratings + that was specified in the description of the “original”.


Charger came very quickly, in just two and a half weeks, in an ordinary package, wrapped in several layers of packaging pupyrchatoy polyethylene tape. The process of unpacking parcels shown in the video below …


Power Connector Magnetic such magsafe-1. Held connector in the “MacBook” very safe: not much, but also not so easy. The force that must be applied to it – “correct”, such as the original “native” charger.


The pin, which is mounted on the plug to connect to the network – metal, plated, descriptions, and serial number are present.

Power cord – thick and soft enough to touch just a little stiffer than my “native” charger.


A little crooked installed wire to connect power to “MacBook” (shown in the photo) – and this is perhaps the only comment on the build quality of the device.


All lettering on the unit are made of high quality, clear and smooth font. Labels are easy to read and comply with the parameters of the acquired unit.


It looks and is packed in a protective film exactly as the original that came with the device. Embossed logo on the side of the apple. Plastic is very high quality, dense, white and shiny, the color of the original.


The charger weighs 260 grams, the same as the original weights.

This is another indicator of the quality of manufacture of the device.


Once connected, the indicator on the connector glows a pleasant green eyes, exactly the same as in my home charger.


During charging, the color lights changed to red, indicating that charging is in progress “MacBook”.
What we liked:
+ Build quality in general
+ Soft Wire
Weight + charger large enough 260 grams
+ Shiny polished plastic
+ Colour indicator when charging and after
+ Very attractive price
– A little crooked installed gasket in the supply lead to a functional unit is not affected 🙂
All owners of the MacBook (from MakBook Air 11 “MacBook Pro up to 13”) recommends the charger to the acquisition. I have personally tested – All charges specified range, virtually not heated, and the charging time from zero to fully charged battery – about two hours.

Link to item: Order on Ebay