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Pocket coffee – Wacaco Minipresso

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Portable road coffee, does not require electricity and creates pressure to 9 atmospheres of coffee, thanks to the integrated hand pump. The principle of operation resembles the expander, which pulled out of the coffee machine, then a few hand movements and the coffee is ready. Pocket inside the coffee machine has capacity for 1 cup of hot water 69ml (for hot water), and portions of ground coffee. The cup serves as the cover of the flask. To fill the device allowed coffee capsules and even conventional ground coffee.
The device is called Wacaco Minipresso, this miniature coffee machine weighs only 363 grams and fits in your pocket. The gadget, which is able to please a cup of espresso in all conditions. Necessary for the expression of 18 movements for a double espresso 28, and the easiest for 13 times can be achieved delicious ristretto.
And most importantly, the unit does not forget about the wonderful foam, which makes the drink is not worse than in stationary Coffee maker. Actually coffee you need hot water (hot water) and ground coffee, well, adding slivik – will generally vkusnuypirogek. The ideal solution for the tourist, the device is ideal for picnics, outings to nature, to give and just irreplaceable thing in the glove compartment of the car or backpack bicyclist.

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