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Power Bank Card – External Battery, Power Bank banknote

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Ultra Slim External Battery Power bank Card (Power Bank credit card), the thickness of only 6.6 mm to fit easily in a purse or wallet. Now there is no need to carry a bulky poverbanki and a bunch of cables, adapters for charging. This ultra-thin, flat device will now always on hand and will allow you to stay connected where there is no access to a power outlet. Compatible with all modern devices. The Power bank credit card, integrated cable micro-USB, as well as a separate micro-USB port for charging. You can connect any adapter and the adapter, such as iPhone, miniUSB. Power bank Card has a different capacity, 2600mAh, 3600mAh and 5600mAh. The size of the whole: 96x62x6,6mm and weighs about 80g. Very handy thing when there is no outlet, or access to electricity, you can always recharge and then charged your smart phone, mobile phone, tablet, or mp3 player, well, and most importantly, the gadget is almost no space, because Power Bank in the form of cards, the size of a regular credit bank card.


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