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Replica Breitling Superocean from Aliexpress

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This replica Breitling Superocean is the second watch I have received from Aliexpress this week. The replica Breitling came with a black rubber sport armband and I paid 145$ including shipping with Dhl. You can choose to buy the replica Superocean with either the rubber armband or with a stainless steel armband.

The picture above, is of the Superocean and I think it looks pretty cool with the sporty rubber armband. All the details are very good made, just like all the other replica watches I have bought from Aliexpress so far. The pics of the watch at Aliexpress misses the Breitling tag but that is for legal reasons. The watch will look exactly like the original upon arrival.

The clockwork is an unspecific chinese one but it looks to be working very fine.
There are not many different Breitling replica watches on Aliexpress but all the famous models are there. Find your favorite and make a search for it.

There are many webshops online selling replica watches but I think it is better to buy them from Aliexpress where you can find and read reviews from other customers. When you buy from some replica homepages, I think it seems a little dodgy, because you actually never know anything about the homepage. Sometimes the homepages pretend to be American, Danish etc but they are actually Chinese. With Aliexpress you know you buy from China and you have the option to check the sellers feedback. So my recommendations are clearly to buy your replica Breitling, Rolex or other replica watch from Aliexpress.

Is the replica Breitling Superocean true to a genuine Breitling?

I have never seen a real Breitling watch so I cant say the replica looks like one. But compared to pictures I guess it is a very precise replica. The clockwork runs almost completely fluent like expensive Swiss watches.
I will again recommend to pay extra and buy one with a Swiss ETA movement if you want one with a superb clockwork. It would cost you around 400$ depending of the ETA type. But then you will get an awesome watch that will probably last for the rest of your days. Be aware that all REAL ETA movements from China are used movements from other watches! It should not make any significance in terms of quality but still a good thing to have in mind.