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Many people have different attitudes to the products Apple, but that the company is particularly attentive to the usability of their devices – an indisputable fact.







So, in order. Overall, I am very positive attitude to the products Apple, but not insane. That is, I’d love it acquired, but not at any price. When the watch out, then of course I was interested, and took “note on”. But only to an occasion (or any of the States of friends / colleagues to be buried, or at all).

Then I came across the message of the sale of blue Sport of hours of 38 mm at a discount of $ 100. In the United States, as you can see our sites, such cost $ 349 plus tax of 8%. Sold on eBay wanted 500 green, but threw up to 400 – but only for blue bracelet (illiquid, obviously). I decided to ask – whether he would sell the black? Still, I – male, black, and I sympathize. The size of 38 mm does not bother me, I – a modest man. Seller answered in the affirmative. Then I began to prepare …

I have prepared a 10% discount for reviews on ebaysocial, I made a collection of the same. I registered in Paypal Tinkova card with cashback and activate them at 500 rubles per share. for the first purchase on eBay. In general, I did everything possible, and start the process. And it worked! That is, only at a discount from eBay I bought at the price of the Apple Store in States without taxes. A plus to 3% cashback on Tinkoff, 10 bucks for the shares from him and should get cashback on eBaySocial. Thus, the price has already received 339 dollars and maybe even a little less work.

In general, as they say, I have never seen. I honestly do not really understand how it is so. Where the seller took the price and with a more rapid delivery (in this price includes shipping)?

I thought, somewhere there has to be a hoax. But … After a couple of days after the purchase with me I contacted the office of delivery SPSR and informed me about the delivery. Good. After another three days, it was reported that the goods – in the country and will be delivered. And a few days later he was taken. That is actually delivered for the week!

During the delivery of a small misunderstanding arose. It is a letter with reference to the tracking, I visited the site and found that the delivery address – not mine! I promptly called and changed to your own address. But because he could not notice …

In general, I get a box and proceed to the inspection. Seller Location Set correctly. My first name – too. But express delivery pasted a new label on the Russian (obviously already in Russia – and shipping address was the other). Like this. On the side of the box was a piece of paper with a declaration from the seller where the fair has been written that this – Apple Watch worth $ 400. It seems that someone decided to get someone else’s goods. And when he was tracking to be delivered (who check passports there?), It is unlikely that I would be able to eBay to prove something. Here’s a scam.

But I happily escaped, as it is not too lazy to carefully monitor the delivery of the goods.

In short, I received a box in his native package Apple. Everything was fine: Charging was an American, but was embedded in the European plug adapter.

Watch – in order. The papers, of course, in English, but the clock is now in Russian. Well, as Apple Watch – is Apple Watch, no options!

Overall summary: I am extremely pleased with the purchase. Seller – super recommend. Then – be sure to look for discounts posts eBay, write reviews on ebaysocial, create a collection, and you, too, ever the feeling that you somehow magically managed to snatch from life a little luck. Not for an hour, of course, the case. Just wonderful and so have developed all the circumstances, that I was able to buy through eBay a very decent product cheaper than the producer himself in his shop in the United States.

Thank you for reading, and I’m sorry if tired. Watch super, highly recommend. The second day they had me very much. Right “Pokemon” some settled on the hand and does not miss. 🙂 It really is just a remote display phone. If you want to buy them or not, analyze how much and what pushes you give your iPhone. This is the screen you watch and see.

And post a comment month later. As this review is still 15 bucks reference cache Beck back for your purchases after reading it. Thank you very much. I am very grateful to you. Buy more. I love you all very much. 🙂

Link to item: Order on Ebay