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Rubber Band Machine Gun

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Automatic machine gun firing conventional rubber elastic bands – RBmG, battery operated, easy to charge and is completely safe for both children and adults. This is probably the dream of every guy, to get such a device out of the backpack and boast them at school or in the yard. This is not just a gun firing rubber bands, but a real gun, the machine shoots rubber bands over a distance of several meters and feeding gum fully automatic, simply press the trigger. Well, fully charge it with rubber bands, can be a couple of minutes.
Many are thinking how to make a gun with his hands, where to get the drawings. Most often they are made of wood, plywood or sometimes paper. We present our machine gun firing rubber bands made of wood, the bundle includes a whole set, drawing and scheme how to assemble and instructions on how to Use it. Assemble the Rubber Band Machine Gun is easy, all the details are already cut from the tree and prepared for you, the whole assembly of the box takes up to 30 minutes. The holder is placed 63 rubber bands, well, a second machine gun capable of producing up to 10 rubber bands.

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