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Smart Bluetooth Illuminated float fishing – Smart Fishing Float

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Probably the most advanced, cool and unusual float with Bluetooth and lighting that can be controlled from a distance with any smarfona or tablet based on Android or iOS. When a fish begins to bite, a smart float will inform you on your mobile phone on the biting. No need to strain your eyes and constantly monitor the float, relax and rest, and the gadget will tell you when you need to pull out a fish. By the way the float catches the signal from up to 30 meters, so you can safely move fry barbecue .. It is particularly convenient to fish at night or early in the morning, because the float is built light for night fishing, you can control the illumination of the float, turn on and off it with your smartphone .
Of course, you must first download and install a special free application in the Google Market or AppStore, called SmartFloat (application Chinese and English). You can adjust the sensitivity of the float, and turn on and off lights remotely via your mobile phone. Himself float battery operated, powered by a single battery type CR435, which is enough for 8-12 hours of continuous operation (fishing). Smart Bluetooth Illuminated float fishing – Smart Fishing Float, a true godsend for any fisherman.

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