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Thermos StarBucks

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Corporate thermos StarBucks that does not give your coffee, latte or tea to cool. It does not take up much space, the best portable version 380ml. You can take to the couple on a walk, a car, a bicycle frame … Sometimes podezhzhaesh at Mc Drive (MakAvto), you take coffee and is doezhzhaesh to the park he was cold. And you can easily pour svezhukuplenny or freshly brewed coffee in a thermos StarBucks and everything will remain hot for at least the next 24 hours. We can say camp, not after a hard thermos logo known coffee chain is very popular in the West, often glimpsed in films and kind of at the hearing.
The trend in 2016 has become a habit to carry accessories from international brands. Starbucks thermos designed for carrying in a bag, a backpack, and is ideally suited for car cupholders. Material production capacity – high-quality stainless steel. The accessory is equipped with double walls, so that the capacity does not burn his hands while maintaining the desired temperature of coffee or tea for a long time.
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